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About fête à fête®

Founder Tami Yu is a consummate bon vivant when it comes to exploring gourmet restaurants or trying the latest spa treatments. A San Francisco native, she is always discovering current trends within the food, fashion, beauty and travel industries. 

Tami's work has appeared in Huffington Post San Francisco, AOL City's Best, Daily Candy,, AOL Digital City, AOL, Lucire and BeautyNewsLA. A gourmande at heart, she also contributed to Caviar Affair, a luxury lifestyle magazine. For a complete background of her writing experience please refer to her portfolio here.



"I adore Tami's beautiful writing. She has a way of transforming my thoughts and ideas into gorgeous phrases. I'm truly honored to work with her. It's as if she can read my mind and clearly understand my vision."

Colleen Quen, Couturière
Colleen Quen Couture


"Tami is a gem in the world of fine dining. While others may know how to write about food, Tami understands what goes into the art of superb cuisine and what consumers really need to hear when it comes to giving a solid restaurant review. At Lucire Magazine, Tami worked as a contributing editor and was able to cover various fashion events. She is dependable and bright - a real asset to any team."

Catherine Rigod, Writer
Former San Francisco Editor of Lucire Magazine


“Tami's extensive knowledge of cosmetics coupled with her engaging style of writing makes her a formidable force to be reckoned with in the beauty and fashion industries. Her articles are well researched, on-time for deadlines and are very current with what is happening in society. I am honored to have had her write about me and my make-up artistry, and to have worked alongside her as a fellow writer.”

Maggie Kerr, Professional Make-Up Artist


“I have had the pleasure of working with Tami for the past two years. I am a publicist focusing on chefs and restaurants in the SF Bay Area, and she has written about my clients on many occasions for various media outlets. She is on my short list of writers who I can always count on to get the details right in an article. Tami is amazingly responsive and thinks quickly on her feet. She won't write about something unless it truly makes sense for a media outlet - her integrity and ethics are paramount. She also has great command of her area of expertise. Last, but not least, Tami has an engaging writing voice, which reflects her own upbeat personality. She is a true joy to work with!”

Michele Mandell, PR Consultant


"Tami's fantastic writing was the key to developing our brand identity. Extremely professional and flexible, her creative work ensures absolutely perfect results."

Rick Lee, Award-Winning Industrial Designer
Rick Lee Design