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In Fiore Made in Japan

I'm already a big fan of In Fiore's body balms and face oils, but I got way excited when I first heard about the Made in Japan skincare line. The San Francisco-based beauty company teamed up with the prestigious Albion brand to create an ultra-luxurious six-piece collection. After premiering in Japan last year, it is now available stateside. 

Made in Japan combines In Fiore's use of precious floral essences with traditional Chinese plant pharmacology to create visible results. I'm smitten with the Raffermissant Fleur Essence Concentre ($125). This serum seems to smooth out my fine lines almost immediately after application and with subsequent use my skin looks way more vibrant. It contains ramanas flower (rosa rugosa), red algae, cucumber, sage and clove to boost collagen and reduce oxidative damage. As with all In Fiore products, it also smells plain amazing. The formula is 99% natural. 

The Energisant Oriental Cream Concentre ($225) is ideal for winter use, at least for me. It's too heavy for summertime but it's extra healing and rich for those who need it. Featuring Chinese litchi seed, osmanthus, hawthorn berry, iris root and jujuba fruit, the cream is inspired by the ancient Eight Treasures Tea elixir. This formula contains 85% natural ingredients. 

I also tried the Regenerant ($150) and Transparence ($130) botanical waters. These act like a toner and serum in one. The Transparence is ideal for those who want a light veil of hydration. Regenerant definitely has more skincare properties so it can easy act like a light moisturizer in itself. I'm so putting these on my beauty wish list!

The key players behind the Brillance Cleansing Balm ($135) consists of rice bran, sesame and camellia seed oils. No water is needed for this pre-cleansing step, but definitely follow up with your preferred cleanser. It will make your skin baby soft.

Last but not least, the cute Clarte Fleur Cleansing Bar ($55) is worth a splurge. The gentle bar soap is also small enough for travel. 

Available at

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Jan Marini Hyla3D HA Lip Complex

After the launch of their highly effective Hyla3D HA Activating Complex, Jan Marini now offers the Hyla3D HA Lip Complex to address the delicate lip area. 

Prone to showing the first signs of aging, the lips need extra TLC. Like the original treatment, this one also contains different kinds of hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin. Peptides, retinol, and DMAE are also added to boost volume and soften vertical lip lines and wrinkles. 

Most users will likely notice results after 1-2 months. The cream soaks in right away so you can apply lipstick immediately. I love carrying it in my purse for touch ups and in a pinch I even use it for other parts of my face. 

Available for $65 (14 ml/.47 oz) at

For editorial consideration, review product was provided by the brand.

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Antonym Cosmetics

Antonym Cosmetics, an organic makeup company, now has a much bigger presence by partnering with Sephora. Created by makeup artist Valerie Giraud, the products are housed in bamboo packaging and each one is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and suitable for sensitive skin. 

Made of mineral pigments, the Certified Organic Baked Blush ($36) is generously sized so one should last a very long time, especially if you don't use it daily. I love how natural the Rose shade looks on me and the pigmentation isn't too dark so you can't over-apply. The texture is also silky and smooth, making application effortless and easy. And, it stays on for a long time.

The Certified Organic Quattro Eyeshadow ($39) in To the Moon and Black is a classic palette for smoky eyes. All the shades (silvery white, taupe, midnight blue, and black) were excellent and blended well together for a gorgeous, polished look. It's also pretty crease-resistant without primer. 

Last but not least, the Certified Natural Lipstick Pencil ($17) in Naturelle is a great basic staple for a nude lip. It has a slight pinkish sheen so it's great by itself or under a darker lip gloss. Sunflower oil, shea butter, rice bran wax and olive oil are added to nourish lips. 

Available at and Sephora. 

For editorial consideration, review product was provided by the brand.

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Clarins New Double Serum

This week, Clarins launched a new generation of the popular Double Serum. The two-in-one formula contains 21 plant actives, including turmeric, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Based on 30 years of research, it aims to regenerate, oxygenate, nourish, hydrate and protect the skin. Suitable for all skin types and ages, it's even gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Organic goji berry, ginger lily, red jania, horse chestnut, and green banana are just several of the ingredients that make up the anti-aging serum. For those avoiding petroleum-based ingredients, it's also made without mineral oil. I love how quickly this absorbs into the skin and can see how it's such a favorite among Clarins fans. 

I'm also impressed with the ingenious packaging. The double chamber dispenses the correct ratio of both serums so you only press on the dispenser once. Depending on the climate and your needs, you can choose from two engraved icons that indicate a tiny drop or a power shot.

Based on a seven-day satisfaction test, 88% of 362 women experienced smoother skin while 74% noticed improved firmness. Curious? Drop by any Clarins counter to check it out!

Available in 1 fl oz ($89) and 1.6 fl oz ($122) at

For editorial consideration, review product was provided by the brand.

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Rikumo Summer Sale

I'm always looking at Rikumo for sophisticated trinkets and right now there's a summer sale. You'll definitely see plenty of great items at up to 40% off. 

This Futagami Brass Moon Trivet ($60) can double as an art piece for the living room. Futagami is one of Japan's oldest metal manufacturers. 

The Futagami Twinkle Chopstick Rest ($69, set of four) is killing me. So adorable and precious. 

This cute little Cosmetic Bag ($31) is great for storing coins, jewelry, hairpins, and makeup. The vintage-inspired fabric will glam up any purse and the coated canvas is quite sturdy. 

This Seisuke88 Card Case ($25) will impress anyone with its stunning design. You can also use it as a credit card case or coin purse.

To see the rest of the sale, check out

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Eminence Bright Skin Overnight Correcting Cream

Eminence organic skincare fans will love the new Bright Skin Overnight Correcting Cream. The latest product within the popular VitaSkin Bright Skin collection, it has helped me tame the visible signs of sun damage this season. It's also designed to work while you sleep as your skin rejuvenates itself overnight.

It contains a potent cocktail of Natural Hydroquinone Alternative (African potato and tara tree), punarnava, licorice, stone crop, bearberry and Gigawhite (Swiss alpine plants) to brighten skin and reduce pigmentation. It's super rich so you only need a small amount for the entire face, so the jar should last a very long time. Alternatively, you can dilute it with some water to make application easier. 

Available for $64 (2 fl oz) at all Eminence spa locations. For more info check out their blog here

For editorial consideration, review product was provided by the brand.

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Jane Iredale PureGloss

Keep your summer beauty routine easy with the new Jane Iredale PureGloss lip glosses. Packed with avocado, moringa and sunflower oils, the moisturizing formula keeps lips soft and smooth. They're also wheat-free, vegan, and free of petroleum-based ingredients.

Pink Lady (sheer pink), Martini (creamy beige) and Hot Cider (golden peach) are flattering on most skin tones. Hot Cider is the most opaque of the trio while Pink Lady and Martini are fairly sheer. Wear them alone for a natural look or layer on top of your favorite lip pencil or lipstick for extra oomph. I also like the light citrus flavor and non-sticky finish. 

Swatches in Martini, Pink Lady, and Hot Cider.

Available for $26 each at

For editorial consideration, review product was provided by the brand.

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Aftelier Curious

Natural perfumer Mandy Aftel just launched Curious, her newest olfactory creation. Named after her Aftel Archive of Curious Scents, the latest Aftelier fragrance offers a special je ne sais quoi to the composition. 

Labeled as a smoky musk perfume, this unique scent reacts differently on each person's skin chemistry. I catch myself sniffing my wrists often as if expecting a new treasure. The light layer of tobacco and smoke shows restraint, adding intrigue without being overwhelming. Sweet hay and creamy Siam wood add wisps of sensuality without being flashy. Dirty orange and orange leaf brightens up and balances out the smoke and musk.

Credit: Joel Bernstein

If you're in the Bay Area, drop by the Aftel Archive of Curious Scents to see how Curious was constructed, note by note. Admission is $20 for a 1-hour visit, open each Saturday 11-6pm. Address: 1518-1/2 Walnut St. Berkeley, CA 94709.

Curious is available as an EDP and liquid perfume ($6-$180) at

For editorial consideration, review product was provided by the brand.

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Younghee Essential Rinse 

Despite using a shower filter and living in a place that has soft water, I can still feel some mineral buildup on my hair. Thankfully the Younghee Essential Rinse Purifying Scalp & Hair Toner changed that.

There are two formulas: Apple Cider Vinegar and Mint. I tried the vinegar, which removed mineral buildup perfectly. It's good for sensitive scalps as it contains rose, chamomile, lavender and calendula. It's also free of silicones, parabens, and sulfates.

I use it after shampooing; you can also use it alone on days you don't shampoo to refresh your hair. If you want to try it, you can request samples online and get 10% off your first order.

Available for $29 (4 fl oz) at

For editorial consideration, review product was provided by the brand.

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Musgo Real

If you're procrastinating like I am, you're probably still wondering what to get Dad for Father's Day. Musgo Real has an extensive collection of men's grooming products that will definitely fit the bill. This special brand was launched in the 1930's and it's still a beloved brand in Portuguese households. 

Choose from four scent collections: Classic Scent, Orange Amber, Spiced Citrus, and Oak Moss. Each fragrance line offers a Cologne ($60), Shaving Cream ($22), Body Soap ($15) and Soap on a Rope ($25). 

The soaps are really excellent. Made with 100% vegetable oils and walnut extract, each one is handcrafted to perfection, ensuring a scent longevity that doesn't exist with many other brands.

Available at

For editorial consideration, review product was provided by the brand.

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